Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Newt Gingrich...what the fuck?

I've been hearing this little gnome's name dropped more and more frequently lately, including a couple times in reference to a possible bid for the Presidency. Holy shit. Newt Gingrich as President? First I laughed, then I laughed more, then I laughed a third time when I realized that some people were actually serious about this.

Whether he runs or not, though, I have to say my respect for him as gone up after reading a New York Times article about his comments regarding the Bush Administration. Granted, my respect for him couldn't go anywhere but up after it came out that he was having an affair at the exact same time as he was calling for Clinton's resignation over the Monica Lewinksy scandal. I suppose that's par for the course as far as politicians go, but I refuse to hold politicians to a lower standard just because they consistently fuck up.

Anyway, here's what Gingy said:

“You can’t be a governing national party and write off entire regions,” Mr. Gingrich said. “All he proved was that the anti-Kerry vote was bigger than the anti-Bush vote."

Pretty astute if you ask me. And then he continued with this prediction:

He is quoted in The New Yorker as suggesting that a Republican will win the White House by running against Mr. Bush as Nicolas Sarkozy won the presidency in France by running against his fellow party member Jacques Chirac, in whose cabinet he had served.

Not bad Newt, not bad at all. Some of the best political punditry I've seen a while. Now don't get too excited. That doesn't mean I'm voting for you. It just means that I think you're less of an idiot than I did before. Confused? Watch this.

Wow. I just watched this video again and it just sank you back to the bottom Newt. You're an idiot.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

While half of America takes advantage of the Memorial Day Sales, I decided not to insult everyone who has died an honorable death defending our country by indulging in shameless consumption (and by tacit consent, legitimizing the way this day has been commercialized). Here's a picture from the New York Times, that says what I want to say.